Share Your Voice


The Muslim community is far from a monolith - both inside and outside of the classroom. Fellow Muslim teachers, parents, and students: your voices are vital. Your experiences are important and we want to hear about them. Please share your stories with us so that we can continue building an inclusive space and letting these meaningful conversations thrive.



Muslim teachers have drastically different experiences in classrooms in the United States. Some of us are supported, while others suffer from Islamophobia from co-workers or students. Please share your story with us.

*If you are a teacher that has Muslim students and would like to share your experiences empowering those students, please feel free to do so as well. 


Oftentimes, the voices of Muslim students are stifled in the schools they attend. Your realities as Muslim students are unique - and sometimes incredibly typical of the student experience in the United States.

Feel free to amplify your voice by using this space to share your story in American classrooms.



Experiences, both good and bad, occur daily. Share with us in a quick and brief blurb about your experiences as a teacher! These will be featured on our home page and should be no more than 100 words.


Parents play a vital role in their childrens' education. As a parent, your role may not always be respected, appreciated, or welcomed in schools. Our forum creates a safe space to vocalize your place as a parent who has important contributions to the conversations on education.

Please use this space to share your story dealing with schools.