Classroom resources

We have compiled a series of resources, lesson plans, and curriculum guides to help fill the gap in educating about the experiences and history of Muslims all over the world. Please share and use these resources widely to help us collectively address this gap and combat islamophobia in our classrooms.


Curriculum Guides

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art Curriculum Guides

2. Islamophobia Education PackShow Racism in the Red Card

3. EDSITEment: Teaching the Middle East

4. Teaching the Middle East: The Question of Identity: Ethnicity, Language, Religion, and Gender

5. Islamic Networks Group: Lesson Plans on Muslims and Islam


Reliable Reading

1. Why Islam

2. School Library Journal: Islam in the Classroom

3. 1001 Inventions: the creative golden age of Muslim civilization that stretched from Spain to China

4. Haymarket Books: On Palestine

5. Rethinking Schools: Recommended Reading 



    We are in the process of collecting all types of resources. We would like to build an online library of recommended readings, lesson plans, curriculum guides and relevant websites to educators who wish to actively expand their knowledge on social justice, anti-racist, anti-islamophobic and culturally responsive topics. Please use the link below to contribute your ideas and resources. We look forward to virtually collaborating with you!